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1 hour 11 mins by Fat A.Z. Musky Pod Cast |

It's been almost two weeks since the last podcast,this was due to Vance being on vacation. We will make it up with two podcasts this week.

Andy, Vance, and Todd start off talking about the new sponsor Muddy Creek Fishing Guides. Todd is the owner and operator Muddy Creek Fishing Guides. It only seems right he gets a little information out there since he is 1/3 of the podcast, not sure why we did not do that earlier.

Todd gives an update of the past week of guide trips,what has been working, changes he has been seeing... A nice update of his fishing.

Then the guys talk about their personal musky boat history. Each one of them have a different style of boat and a different history of how they came to where they are at now.

Vance opens up on the pitfalls he faced when trying to buy his boat and what he is facing now with buying a new rig right now. Most people have horror stories of bad dealerships, this is another one of those that seem to be common with boat dealers.

Oh and we did lose Todd for a few minutes from a dropped call. But got him back, another equipment issue. It all good though.

Thanks for listening and feel free to contact me with any question,suggestions or complaint. Just message me on Fat A.Z. Musky Products Facebook page.