Last week fishing stories part 2, Crash Mullins, Musky Hunter

1 hour 22 mins by Fat A.Z. Musky Pod Cast |

Once again the stars aligned and the guys all got to fish together again. Well not all at the same time, but Andy fished with Todd in the Ranger, then Vance fished with Todd in the Alumacraft (quite possible that boats last fishing trip) and they also fished in the Lund.

We share the stories of the trips, the blunders, make fun of each other... guys talking about fishing trips.

We also talk about the passing of Crash Mullins, Andy tells a story of the couple meetings with Crash, Todd also shares some stories as well.

Wrapping it up Andy talks about the newest issue of musky hunter in which Fat A.Z. was mentioned in a short article by Tony Grant. Then talks about another find in this issue, then another, and another. It was wild how it all stacked up.

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