How to work a Raptor, Vance's review of his new boat after 5 days

1 hour 22 mins by Fat A.Z. Musky Pod Cast |

Todd starts off the podcast with the fishig report. Andy asked Todd to try to descride how to work the Raptor with only words, its an audio podcast so visual demo cant work.

So after a little "how to" Andy chimed in with his little fishing report.

We shift gears to talk some more about Vance's new boat, Alumacraft Competitor 205 tiller w/ 200 hp Verado. He has owned it for 5 days and got through the break in period. But like with just about every dealer experience there were bumps in the road. Some funny and some frustrating, every one should be able to have some part of their life where they can relate to Vance's position.

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