Fishing, New boats, Big Fish

1 hour 14 mins by Fat A.Z. Musky Pod Cast |

Andy, Vance and Todd start off the podcast with the usual fishing report from Todd. The report turns into a conversation on local water conditions and how they are changing, fly fishing for musky and the challenges anglers face who fly fish for musky.

The guys change gears to talk about Vance's new boat. Vance talks about some of the final details of his boat, overlooked items of buying a boat people should know.

Andy brings up the big fish photo that has been circling the internet the past week or so. The conversation leads to fish photos, bad photos, how a photo can ruin your day (or fishing spot), photos and how times have changed.

We end the show on a question Andy asked Vance to ask Todd prior to the show starting. "If you had to catch a musky but only could make 50 casts, where would you go?". Andy knew Todd's answer would be and Vance was a little surprised by what Andy predicted Todd would say.

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